The Global Cinema Campaign Is Here To Change The World

By now you have probably heard about the Global Goals Campaign, a campaign that took on 17 goals for the next 15 years. The Global Goals will strive to end extreme poverty, fight inequality & injustice and fix climate change. At first, when I was given this assignment by my editor, I struggled, and I didn’t understand what the Global Goals really meant. Aren’t the UN and Global Goals a bit ambitious? End world hunger in 15 years? How are they going to feed every hungry man, woman and child on this planet? And how do they want to make an active change when it comes to the environment? Take away everyone’s cars? Send all the trash to Pluto? My brain didn’t comprehend it. But I then read their plan, and they’ve got a pretty good one.

Here are their 17 Goals for the next 15 years:

According to the Global Goals “The campaign was launched by Richard Curtis, British filmmaker, humanitarian and campaigner of the Global Goals. The Global Goals Campaign is backed by the UN, governments, global communities and brands. “

The Global Goals calls this the “New Universal Agenda” for humanity, and thus the whole world is taking part in this one thing, which is pretty magical. With wars going on, with Greece’s economy still in shatters and so many tragedies in the world, we can still agree that a life without poverty, injustice and where every kid can go to school sounds like a pretty great world.

The implementation of the goals according to zerohedge is going to cost $3.5 trillion to $5 trillion every year. According to NPR, they are working on a total of $172.5 trillion. Now we all go, “yeah I knew this was all to kumbaya to be true.” And I really can’t understand where are they going to get that money. WHERE?

Well, according to NPR, foundations have donated more than $37.6 billion and UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon says the World Bank calls it the “billions to trillions” approach. Thus, they will work on a plan, to make those billions into trillions. Good luck with that one guys. And then of course some of the money will come from pledges. For example $25 billion from 45 governments and 100 organisations, $2.6 billion from Canada (go Canada!), $2 billion from President Xi Jinping from China himself and $6 million to promote gender equality (yes!). And a few more I am not going to bore you with, but it’s coming nicely together.

So, it sounds to me like they have a money plan, if you want to read about how they want to tackle each individual goal, you can read it on the Global Goals website. There is also an app you can download and games to play on the site. What would a campaign be without some PR and random games.

Poverty goal (Look! Nelson Mandela Quote)
Poverty goal (Look! Nelson Mandela Quote)

Everyone can do their part by downloading the Global Goals App. You can do even more by engaging in the Dizzy Penalty For The Global Goals.

So, what do you think? A bit too ambitious? Or can it be done?

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