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The Kardashian-Jenners Now Have Apps!

Is watching “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” just not enough for you? Are you not content with following Kylie Jenner on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube? You want more than just a mobile Kim Kardashian game called “Hollywood”? Well, you’re about to be the happiest contouring follower in the world. All the Kardashian-Jenner sisters now have their own apps/ websites. Except, Kourtney, sorry fans. Kourtney’s app is still in the works.

You can sign up for each of the apps for a 7 day free trial period or pay a R37 per month subscription fee for a more personal look into the Kardashian-Jenner lives. You also have access to style diaries, beauty tips, live video diaries, beauty tutorials, fashion tips and Kardashian-ey stuff.


Kim Kardashian West‘s app focuses on beauty (now you can learn how to contour/ strobe like Kim K), pregnancy, fashion, baby North’s fashion and selfies (how to take the perfect selfie – because this is the most important thing in the Kim Kardashian World). Khloé Kardashian’s app will focus on fitness and fitness clothes, yup R37 a month to see how someone gets thinner. Kendall Jenner‘s app, of course, features her adventures as a model and her sister Kylie‘s app is about make-up, her style secrets and her dog (because seeing it on her Insta account just isn’t enough).

So far, Kylie Jenner’s app is the most downloaded and successful of all the sisters apps. She addressed a lot of rumours, like the “breast job rumour” saying that she wears Victoria Secret’s Bombshell bra for that extra lift. She also addressed the lip injection rumours saying that she did get lip fillers. So there you have it folks, set all your secrets free on an app when you’re famous and you can charge people for it!

Kylie Jenner #1 Kardashian App
Kylie Jenner #1 Kardashian App

Why didn’t they combine forces and form one big Kardashion-Jenner App/ Site? I don’t know. That would of been cooler and simpler, but hey, then Kylie couldn’t be #winning.

You can download the Kardashian-Jenner apps from the Apple iStore as well as the Google Play Store. You will be able to log into the websites as well if you subscribe.

Would you pay R37 a month for an extra view into the lives of the Kardashian-Jenners? Let us know in the comments below.

Kardashian-Jenners Now Have Apps!

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