The Selfie Bucket List Challenge

After seeing Hipster Barbie’s instagram account, I thought it would be fun to create a selfie bucket list challenge. A way to explore the selfie oeuvre if you will. How many of these can you tick off? The reward – bragging rights and the ability to sleep at night knowing that you are a selfie ninja.

1. Duck Face

Image via Genius.com

The original selfie was a duck face selfie. Go back to where it all began and take that picture.

2. Gym Mirror Selfie


You didn’t actually work out or your face would be red and you would be sweating like a plough beast.

3. The Divorce Selfie 


The divorce selfie has only recently gained popularity, but I am calling it – break up selfies will become a thing.

4. Eating Carbs Selfie


Popularised by  @girlswithgluten, you should snap yourself eating from the most important food group, carbs. *Tim Noakes eye roll*

5. The Selfie Stick Selfie 


Sure we mock these, but you aren’t making this list unless you take a selfie using a selfie stick*. Even Obama uses one.

6. The I Woke Up Like This or Staged Selfie


You’ve just woken up and would like the world to know just how good you look. The 97th time is always a charm. No one wakes up like this, not even Kim K.

7. The Food Selfie


Instagram is off. Quick! Describe your lunch to me. We’re all guilty of this one. #FoodPorn anyone?

8. The Holiday Feet Selfie


Oh look I’m super tanned and on holiday. Here’s a picture of my feet.

What other selfie categories can you think of? I’m envisioning a selfie awards ceremony…..


*The author of this post would like to state that she won her selfie stick and did not pay cash money for it. 

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