Bytesized | 11th September

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News24 announced that they were closing down the comments section on their site. The trolls blamed the government. News24 said they were doing it to be on par with international news websites. And Tom Eaton summed it up perfectly.

tweet in response to news24 cutting their comments section


I can’t believe that I had never heard of these okes before The Digital Edge. Introducing Safferland. A hilarious web series with great South African characters – from Dr Gert’s Web Therapy, The Carguard Chronicles and the Minister of Politics, you will be sure to find your favourite. Check out Turn on the Tolls below.


This will brighten up your day. Make sure your sound is on. 


funny pie chart things meatloaf would do for love


You need to get BBM. No, I’m joking but I was surprised to see that it ranks 11th in the Google Play store, so someone must be using it. Not me, but someone.

Bytesized is your weekly digital dose of all things tech in snackable bytes. #ByteSizedZA @TechGirlZA


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