Android 5.0 Lollipop Tricks

10 Cool Android 5.0 Lollipop Tricks

Ed’s note: Some of these features aren’t going to work exactly the same on different brands of phones. You’ve been warned. 

Oh Android how I love thee. If, like me, you’re an Android Angel (alliteration – nailed it!), then you’re going to love these 10 cool Android 5.0 Lollipop Tricks. I searched the internet for the best tips and I’ve chosen my top 10:

1.If you lost your phone, and you’re logged in with your Google account on your Android phone and your PC, you can just Google “Where is my phone?” and the magical Google will tell you! Aaahw thank you for locating my phone Google, I knew it was in the fridge where I usually put the Chardonnay!

2.To check the date and time, just tap and hold the status bar. Magic, I tell ya!

3.You can go to your Security Settings and use Smart Lock (Trusted Places) so you don’t have to enter your pin everywhere. So whilst it’s on you, you can keep it unlocked. Whoo! Freedom on the couch!

4.Want to take a nap? Use Quiet Notifications: Tap on either of the volume buttons and you’ll find a shortcut to the priority mode. When it’s activated, all notifications show up as normal, but only apps you’ve marked as priority, can make a noise.You can enable the mode for a specific time, until the next alarm, or forever. Hours of complete and utter silence without missing my editor’s annoying voice notes.

Android Lollipop

5.You can use Guest Modes, for your friends or family. So your little bro can play games on your Android phone. But that is all. ALL.

6.You can hide sensitive data from the lock screen. Like important e-mails for normal people, but just sexts for me.

7.You can pin apps to your screen: If you want to pass your phone over to someone else, but want to restrict them to one app or game (lil’ bro thing), use screen pinning. And then you can pin only one thing to the screen etc.

8.Built in flash light in the menu bar, “cause you’re my flashlight-ight-ight!!!!”

9.Unique volume levels for every app.

10.A Special Flappy Bird Google version Easter Egged in Lollipop! #Fun

Go Android Lollipop, you’re totes delicious. Yes, I did just pull that angle.

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