factorie goes tech

Factorie goes tech

While gadgets are great to get things done they’re also turning in to must have fashion accessories. From gold phones to bedazzled headphones – the way your tech looks is as important as how it works. Factorie has jumped on the tech bandwagon and launched a range of sound products that suit their stylish beach bum brand.

factorie goes tech

The music on, world off range is a host of fun music gadgets that not only provide sound but also can be worn as part of a funky outfit. he items include on ear headphones, earbuds, earphones with fun slogans on them, a bluetooth speaker and earphone splitters (plug the little owl into your music device and it gives you two ports so your friend can listen to your favourite beats with you. While the tech is rather simple in design you can get it in a few funky colours.

Here are a few of our favourites:

factorie goes tech
Slogan earphones
factorie goes tech
Bluetooth speaker for the beach.
factorie goes tech
Cute owl earphone splitter

If you don’t feel like leaving your house to buy your fashionable tech accessories don’t forget to take a look at the Tech Girl online shop:


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