miix 700 2 in 1

Handy for your handbag: The Miix 700 from Lenovo

With Christmas around the corner you can expect a stack of rad devices and gadgets popping up from the big tech brands. I’ve seen a few items that have caught my eye and I’m definitely adding them to my holiday wish list (you can’t have enough gadgets right?).

miix 700 2 in 1

This is my first on the “must have” list: The new Miix 700 from Lenovo. I’ve been pretty vocal about my 2 in 1 love of late. So much so I even did a piece for Intel about why everyone should have a 2 in 1. As a girl on the go (I spend a lot of time running around like a crazy person) I can definitely appreciate a small device that slips into my handbag to join me during the day but easily powers up to give me the support I need to blog and work on the go.

miix 700 2 in 1

Lenovo plans to introduce this little beauty round October/November this year. It is going to cost in the region of 10k but it has a few features I like. For starters I love the way it looks. The keyboard is on the back of a sort of leather piece which allows it to take on a skinnier form. It has a 12″ display with a keyboard on the back. Take a look at this video from Windows Central – taken at IFA 2015.

You’re looking at 8GB of RAM with the added advantage of SSD storage. It has two USB ports (my current 2 in 1 only has one. Bummer) and comes with Windows 10. It weighs 770 grams and comes with a Stylus. Added extra really but still fun to play with. You’ll also be able to add an Intel Real Sense camera to it. Remember when I was in China earlier this year I was raving about it? Yes, it looks very much like the Microsoft Surface Pro but then – why change a good thing right?

Here’s hoping once the Miix 700 arrives we get a chance to review it and can tell you if it lives up to the hype. Watch this space! 



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