Nifty250 prints

Nifty250 adds Emoji stickers

If you haven’t heard of Nifty250 before (get out from under that rock darlin’) then you’ve been missing out. They’re an online printing service that allows you to select your favourite Instagram pictures and have them printed. You can get funky Polaroids or fun strips that allow you to keep a physical memory of your social sharing.

And the best part?

nifty250 (3)

They’ve now added funky Emoji Stickers to their packaging. What this means is that when you place an order with Nifty250 your prints arrive with a set of rad Emoji Stickers! I decided to print some fun strips from the Tech Girl Instagram account and played around with the new offering when they were delivered:

nifty250 (1)

For 20 strips (4 pictures on each) you’re looking at a cost of R80 excluding shipping. Your prints, whether strips or Polaroids, arrive with a sheet of 20 emoji stickers at no extra cost. That is a really a super deal. Such a fan. I cannot wait to figure out how to add these funky Nifty250 strips and emoji stickers to my existing decor. Any suggestions?

nifty250 (4)

Disclaimer: I was gifted with the strips and extra emoji stickers to see them in the flesh. Thanks Nifty250! 


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