How to download an app on your smartphone

I was recently sent an email from a Tech Girl reader asking me how she went about downloading an app on her new Samsung Galaxy S5. She’d gone to her cellphone provider and upgraded to this swanky smartphone that they told her she absolutely needed to have. They’d banged her SIM card in, made her sign on the dotted line and patted her bottom out the store as they moved on to the next customer.

She had no idea how to use the phone, she had no idea how to download an app on to it and now she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do. While the rest of us might think this sounds ridiculous because it is so easy, she hasn’t been my first email. I’ve had a few people ask so I’ve put together an easily printable guide with step by step instructions on how to download an app on your smartphone. The guide has two options:

  • How to download an app on your iOS device
  • How to download an app on your Android device

Depending on the need I’ll do Blackberry and Windows guide soon. If you want access to the PDF document to print and share with your friends and family you can find it here:

Tech Girl | how to download an app on your smartphone guide


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