Edgars Piece of Me Twitter Auction

You know how we’ve all had that dream where all you’re fave SA stars’ jeans become one? I know I have, mostly because all the size sixes sown together will fit me, but apparently that is not how this is working, so I’ll just watch.

So here is the deal: South African fashion designer, Craig Jacobs of Funduzi, is creating a unique garment from the donated jeans of six local celebs including Poppy Ntshongwana, Janez Vermeiren, Aspasia Karras, Luthando Shosha, Jimmy Nevis and Jessica Nkosi.

edgars piece of me twitter auction

Each celeb has shared a personal story behind the jeans, no – not like our personal stories people. Actual beautiful inspiring stories, not like my jeans story “So we were sitting on a bench and as I leaned in for the kiss the screw in the bench tore open my jean and my cat underwear could be seen by all – and he thinks I farted”. Their stories are more like “and then an orphan child hugged my leg and that’s when I knew I wanted to be the new Brangelina”. So, the idea behind this is that each celebrity’s jeans (with beautiful personal story included) will create a new denim garment.

Edgars piece of me twitter auction

The creation will be unveiled on the 24th August. It will then be auctioned off on Twitter from 9am on the 27th to 4pm on the 28th. The money made from the Edgars Piece of Me Twitter Auction will be donated to the SOS Children’s Home. Edgars will donate a minimum of R5000 or match the winning bid, should it be higher.

You can bid by twitting your bid and the hashtag #EdgardsPieceofMe




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