Bytesized | 21 August 2015

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agency quotes

It is no secret that I love @agencyquotes. All of those tweets capture working in digital perfectly. I love announcing to the office that what they have just said is going to live forever on the interweb. They have just released their first book and I am super keen to get it to see if any of my colleagues’ musings made the list. I encourage you to follow them. Reading that time line will brighten up any day. But even more so, start sending in your tweets #ThingsYouHearInAgencies.


T-Rex Runner Gif in Google Chrome Canary

When the unable to connect dinosaur appears in Chrome, hit the space bar and you can play a game while you wait for the page to load. Ensure that the dinosaur jumps over cacti by hitting the space bar. This is a nice way to pass the time and it reduces your level of death by slow internet rage.



This app/feature won’t let you send messages until you use correct spelling and grammar. It’s meant for kids, but I think autocorrect has been responsible for some pretty embarassing (yet hilarious) fails and this would be great for adults. WTF? Not a chance. (iOS)



true facts graph


Sometimes I feel really old when I have to google WTF “on fleek” means. Youtuber Riyadh K gets his dad to guess some internet slang and hilarity ensues. (NSFW aka make sure your headphones are on)

Bytesized is your weekly digital dose of all things tech in snackable bytes. #ByteSizedZA @TechGirlZA

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