FIGHT: Writing vs Typing

Is the pen mightier than the keyboard? Although I work in digital, I always carry a paper notebook around with me. I also have an insane collection of pens. Colleagues have always asked why I write stuff down when I work in digital. You’re just duplicating your notes, there is an app for that, typing would be faster – I’ve heard them all. One day I was compelled to prove my boss wrong (like a good employee) and googled writing vs typing.


On Handwriting  

  • Handwriting is a complex process and takes years to master.
  • Handwriting your notes uses more of your senses. Your brain is more active and engaged.
  • You are more likely to remember the information because there is more physical activity involved. You need to combine thought with movement.
  • This will increase your ability to comprehend facts and concepts.
  • What’s particularly interesting about this study is that the majority of students would tell you the opposite.

Handwrite stuff if you need to recall information that will be used at a later time. This will help you remember and understand info easily. Great for students, meetings and brainstorms.


On Typing

  • Touchscreens and keyboards are easy enough for kids to learn quickly. There are 2 year olds who know how to use iPads.
  • Unlike handwriting, typing is the same movement whatever the letter. The only change would be where the letter is located.
  • Typing is much faster than handwriting notes.
  • The ability to easily edit, copy and paste allows you to get down more information, that you could later review.

Type stuff if you need to produce knowledge for other people, like writing an article or minutes of a meeting.

Did You Know? The faster you type, the better your ideas will be. When you can’t type as fast as you think, your ideas suffer.

I’m not saying ban tablets and computers from the classroom or boardroom, but as new technology becomes part of our daily lives, we should not underestimate the so-called old school ways of doing things. In my job I have to manage a lot of projects and writing down the tasks in my notebook and highlighting them when I’m done, has worked wonders for me.

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