A digital time capsule – FutureMe

When we were teenagers my friend and I decided to make a time capsule that we would only be able to open when we were both 25. It seemed like a really long time. We put in random items that meant something to us and wrote our 25 year old selves a letter. When said friend informed me that she had opened the time capsule, we laughed at what we had written. How times change.

What: FutureMe is an email service that lets you send mails to your future self and your future friends. A time travelling version of email if you will.

Why: What’s not to love about receiving a surprise mail from the past?

Here’s how it works:


  • Go to www.futureme.org
  • Enter your email address, subject and letter
    • use an email address that has longevity, so not your work email
  • Set the date you would like to receive the mail on
  • Make the letter private (for your eyes only) or public (there is a section that you can read what other have written)
  • Add some pictures if you like
  • Send it and wait

 We like it because……

If you decide to send it to your crush 5 years into the future, when you realise this is a huge mistake, you can delete the email, just so long as it hasn’t been delivered yet.

You can change emails – whether this is your own email or your friend’s email, you just have to be registered user.

Registration is free.

We don’t like it because……

So you can change the email addresses but you can’t change the date or the contents of the mail. As the developers state “This, we feel, would be cheating, as well as a potential violation of the space-time continuum. So please take care when writing to the future – it’s serious business, after all.” Alternatively you could just delete the message and start again.

Alternative uses for FutureMe

  • wedding proposals
  • creep people out (on July 16th 2015 you had bagels for lunch and sent a message that read…)
  • motivation
  • a way to remember memories




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