Online Shopping for Older Kids

Online Shopping for Older Kids

I’m an avid online shopper, to the point that – despite the fact that I live very near a mall – I’m still regularly searching online for cool bargains. As my kid’s grown up, my online searches for appropriate retailers to provide us with goods have evolved.

It’s pretty darn easy to shop for baby stuff online. Everything from prams to diapers and back again can be sourced and purchased with a simple credit card transaction. But, as your kid gets older, the online pickings get a little slimmer, and you might even give up and head off to the mall in search of that must-have. Never fear though, as I’ve discovered three online retailers that can help.


Online Shopping for Older Kids

Yes, yes, you know all about Takealot and how it’s become a one-stop shop for just about everything. But, did you know that their LEGO is generally cheaper than purchasing those precious blocks in store? It’s true – I’ve priced many a set in store and compared them with the online prices and, Takealot has won every time. Oh and the best part about Takealot for us? I’ve taught my kid how to browse and “hit the heart” when she does, so she creates her very own wishlist of stuff. Come birthday time that list is extremely useful when I’m flummoxed by the eternal question of what presents to give her on her special day.


Online Shopping for Older Kids

Can’t afford a PS4 but you’re quite keen on picking up a similar, secondhand console? Gumtree is probably where you’ll find the best deals. Kids toys get MORE expensive as they grow up, and their needs change, as they get older, so bargains are going to be something you are really keen on finding. Set up alerts for certain products and you’ll be notified when the thing you’re looking for is available for purchase. I have to mention Gumtree here, with a proviso. It’s a fantastic wonderland of things to buy, but always be sure to do your purchases in a safe way. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people being duped, so take good heed of Gumtree’s useful guidelines on safety. 

Mr Price


Now here’s a retailer that truly understands the concept of a family budget. The big bonus of shopping online at Mr Price, is that they make all their bargains easily accessible under designated “Priced to Go” sections on the site. I let my kid run wild in that section! It also saves all the headache of browsing sale rails while dealing with crowds, or discovering that a particular store is out of stock of a must-have item. Don’t forget to check out their Home online store for décor bargains and grab sweet deals on sports kit at Mr Price Sport’s online store.

Disclaimer: This is an honest opinion NOT a sponsored post. Any brand mentioned here earned their sport with good service. 

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