Know your hashtag: #BBHMM

When I first saw this I was like WTF. I had no idea what it meant so I asked a few kids younger than me. They always know what the lingo means. It stands for Bitch Better Have My Money (#BBHMM).

#BBHMM, is a phrase that may be used in lieu of more traditional punctuation to convey ultimate certainty that one will be receiving what feels they are due…or there will be consequences. – Urban Dictionary 

What: A phrase made popular by Rihanna in this video. The video is pretty violent and in order to watch it you need to let YouTube know you are over 18. It means that a woman’s time and value can’t be had for nothing.


Controversy: Some argue that the hashtag is about a feminist issue, while others think that it just glorifies abuse against women. For the most part it seems as though people are using it in a tongue in cheek way, like the fabulous Miss Piggy.

Miss Piggy got in on the trend with her hilarious parody video of #BBHMM

And then the jokes started rolling in….


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