TUMI will track your luggage for you.

I think we can all agree that a sexy laptop bag is half the point of lugging that notebook around. TUMI has you covered with their latest winter collection. The luggage brand has introduced some really stylish (and still functional) laptop bags and accessories. Not only do these transportation solutions make ideal birthday presents for loved ones but they make a rather lovely present to you too! (My sister is still sulking that I went on a splurge… for myself).


Tech accessories aren’t the only thing TUMI isn’t the only tech the luggage brand is involved in. They’ve stepped into the digital world and are going to be adding technology to their luggage to make your life a little easier.



Let’s face it, losing bags are the one thing airports are rather consistent at getting right. To try give you some peace of mind, TUMI are developing (and are pretty close to a consumer release) an app that tracks your luggage for you. World-wide.


Not only will you know where your bag is at all times, you will also be able to set alerts if you are more than a certain distance from your bag. This means you would be notified if your bag is placed on a different flight or has arrived in Spain when you’ve just landed in Dubai.

We can’t wait for this app to become available for download. Anything to help with the stress of travelling, right?

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