Greek Bailout

Minions Are Now Part Of The Greek Bailout

I wish the whole Greek bailout wasn’t so depressing. Well, Google Chrome wished so too. According to Buzzfeed Tech, Quartz developer John West made a Chrome extension that automatically changes the topic of any news article about the Greek bailout to Minions. It even adds some minions pics! So if you are crazy for the little yellow creatures and need some fun in Greek bailout articles, this is for you.

Here is how Greek bailout articles look with the Chrome Minion extension:

Greek Bailout Articles With Minion Chrome Extension
Greek Bailout Articles With Minion Chrome Extension

I have no idea how West thought of this, but I’m guessing he’s a huge Despicable Me fan. And he’s ringtone probably sounds like this:


Greek Parliament is now MINION PARLIAMENT, but I think my fave is “Grexit” that is now “MINIONPOCALYPSE”! This is making Greek bailout news a little less depressing, don’t you think?

I find this funny, some people find it insulting. But who doesn’t love these adorable yellow creatures! If you want to add the Chrome extension click here.

Greek Minion Chrome Extension
Greek Minion Chrome Extension

BANANA!!!! Greek bailout BANANA!!!

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