Boomerang Make and Race Review

Boomerang Make and Race is as simple as a mobile racer could probably get. The game features a simple race mechanic, kart customization, and purchase system that makes it the perfect game for any young mind and the older generation who loves Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, and Wacky Racers.

Choosing any of your favourite Boomerang racers at the start takes you to a creation mini game. Here you will build your own kart by choosing a frame, and then go on to attaching items like umbrellas, spikes, mouse tails, and stickers. The themed items all represent the character that you chose to race with. After you spray your kart with a colour, and make it all pretty it will save out in one of the 5 saves slots, keeping it available for the next time you want to use it to race.

The customizations are extremely limited at the start of the game. You earn more by playing a set number of races, or purchasing them with coins you earn in game. The modifications that you earn change the look of your kart, but not the performance. That is all on you to master. It is unfortunate though as it would be nice to have some sort of stat system that increases weight, speed, and other factors depending on what you have on your kart.IMG_4982

Racing is simple, you choose from one of three difficulty levels and take to the tracks to prove your swiping skills. There are 4 lanes that you switch to while you make your way to the end of the line. Along the way you will avoid cracks in the road, collect coins, use ramps, and collect stars to boost speed. Again, there is really nothing complex about this at all. You swipe up and down to change lanes and get to the end of the race faster than your opponents.

If you have a child or know of any child that loves Boomerang and all the characters from the brand, they will easily fall in love with Boomerang Make and Race. It is simple, and made for the kids, that’s all there really is to it.
Boomerang Make and Race is available on iOS and Android

So rad

• Simple and easy
• Some great customizations

Makes us sad

• Not very adult appealing
• Racing could get boring

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