ATTENTION: There will soon be hands-free Tinder!

A hands-free version of Tinder has been made by T3, which swipes left or right for you based on how your heartbeat reacts to the persons’ photograph. It will soon be available on the Play Store as well as the Apple Store.

Queen B
Queen B

According to the legit people at T3 a version of the app was created on the Apple Watch SDK, which chooses the people you match with based on your heart’s reaction. #Ahw right? Apparently, when you are attracted to someone, it sparks an adrenaline rush in your system which amps up your heart rate. They are using the device’s heart rate monitor, which is usually used for exercise, to determine if you’re attracted to the person. Hmmm, exercise, something I should start doing when this app gets released… or not.

Watch the video to know EVERYTHING about the Tinder hands-free app:


“When you use traditional Tinder, you’re using your head to choose a match. With this version, you choose with your heart.” Ahw #Blessed

This may let you get the #feels, BUT do you know what this means my fellow single lady? We have to have a picture of a puppy in all of our photos on Tinder, so men will get an adrenaline rush based on puppy cuteness. No woman can trust her face. This means war.

Love IS a battlefield my fellow single people.
Love IS a battlefield my fellow single people.

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