One password to rule them all

The master password and the password manager

We all know the importance of having a secure password, but if you are like me, you easily forget your passwords. If I get logged out of something (or someone clears my cache…grrr), I have to click on the “lost password” option. When I type in my new password (which I swear I’ll remember this time), I usually get the “Your new password can’t be similar to your old one”.

Solution: say hello to your new BFF, a password manager.

Why use a password manager?

  • Why not? You can have different secure passwords for all of the online accounts you have
  • You don’t need to remember them all
  • This will save you minutes of frustration (this is a long time on the interweb)

Which password manager should I get?

LastPass password manager
LastPass password manager is free and works across most OS’s, browsers and devices.
  • LastPass has premium and enterprise solutions, but for you and I the free version is perfect
  • It is easy to use and you update your logins and passwords as you browse the internet or use your apps
  • During installation, you can get the Afrikaans version
  • Make LastPass even safer by restricting it to one country and to automatically log off when you are no longer browsing

Is a cloud based password manager, like LastPass safe?

  • A password manager doesn’t just store your logins and passwords in plain text, it encrypts the data and stores it in vault
  • LastPass was hacked on the 15th of June, but because of the encryption no harm was done
  • Never ever store your banking or credit card details. It just isn’t worth the time saved.
  • This illustrates the importance of creating a secure master password

Luckily for you, this dude came up with a super catchy song to help you create a super secure master password.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBBk_dpOX7w]

If you REALLY liked the song, why not try out 1Password, the company that made the song possible.
Need more tips on creating passwords and stopping bad password habits? Read here

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