Millennials and Sexting

Dude: “So, what are you wearing?”
Me: “Should I lie or be honest?
Dude: “Whatever you think will get the job done, I guess.”
Me: “A wedding dress.

Sexting can fail, miserably.
Sexting can fail, miserably.

Aaaand he never spoke to me again. Also, I was wearing a Batman onesie – super hot right? Sexting: we’ve all been there. There’s just something about lying on your bed at 3AM acting like you’re totally into it when you start dating a guy. Oh millennials! We use technology for everything now – even when it comes to sex. And guys, women are never into it, we’re just lying there on the other side googling “how to sext?” and laughing at you, going “pffft idiot, like I’ll ever do THAT.” (Editor’s note: speak for yourself.)

I did a minor study, between 250 millenials, and 74% of them said they have sexted. Some said they were sexting at the moment and one asked “Do you wanna sext?”

I did a little interview with the men in my life (not my boyfriend, my BFF – that reminds me – if you are male, please call me at 083-DESPERATE-100). Let us call him Terrence, now Terrence says that he likes sexting because it’s hot. Men, they always use such big sentences to describe things. According to Terrence he would ask women questions like “What would you do if I were there?”, “What are you wearing?”, “Are you naked?” and then they start asking for nudes.


Here are a few tips when it comes to sexting: Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes you just like to laugh at men, and sometimes you’re desperation sexting. With this new sexting thing comes Revenge porn. I know, men should not be allowed to name things. According to Terrence, Revenge Porn is when the guy’s heart gets broken and he sends all those nudes you sent him to his buddies or he posts it on the internet. So, when you’re walking around and get all these stares, they aren’t looking at you because you have something on your face – they are looking at you because they saw you (and your boobs) on PornHub’s newest entry.

Here is how to avoid that sitch:

  • NEVER let your face show in your pics –then you can just be like “That’s not me, but I have to say what beautiful boobs, amirite?”
  • Don’t send anything sexual to strangers. Booblover502 is not “the one”.
  • Preferably sext with a nice guy who you’re in a committed relationship with. The one who would rather delete all your pics when you break up because he has respect for you as well as women in general.
  • Rather sext with emojies. There is this cool emoji site – FlirtMoji – where you can copy, paste and send sexy emojies to lovers. There are lots of free emojies, but if you really want to let the “50 Shades of Grey” in you come out, you can subscribe for even more.
  • Say NO. Sexting is like sex. It should always be consensual, don’t do something you don’t want to do.
  • Don’t send pics if you don’t want to, it’s your body. If he doesn’t want to talk to you then he’s not worth your time anyway.
  • Only do or think about participating in this trend if you’re over 18.

To wrap it up: don’t be afraid to say no, never let your face show in your pics, do it with emojies and don’t be afraid to talk with your friends about it. You should never feel ashamed of sharing your feelings or sexting with someone you care about BUT remember to always be careful.

Helpful hint: if you want to partake in sexting but have no clue how to begin – type out a Rihanna or Iggy Azalea song.

If you are a mom reading this and you’re freaking out because you’re afraid your teen is sexting, read this article by Cath Jenkin: Sex…Ting

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