Will your job be taken by a robot?

Unless you are studying to become something specific like a doctor, lawyer, accountant or engineer, I think you really just go to university to broaden your horizons. The skills I learned at university have helped me immensely to learn everything that I currently know. Digital changes every day and if I didn’t have a thirst for knowledge, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. I graduated about 8 years ago, and back then, there wasn’t such a thing as a digital strategist or content specialist. New careers are emerging all the time, but by the same token, careers are becoming irrelevant and robots are taking your jobs.

Is your job safe? Will you be replaced by a robot? Scientists looked at this and found that jobs that ranked high in cleverness, negotiation, and helping others, were less likely to be automated, or taken over by robots. The most likely jobs to be automated were those that involved repetitive tasks and required less out of the box thinking, like telemarketing. This has already happened; we have all received those machine calls asking if we would like to take out an insurance policy.

I tried out my profession on a website that calculates the chances of your job being automated, and although they didn’t have a digital job title, I went with writing.

will a robot take your job?

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robots took my job

Will your job be taken by a robot? 

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