4 Uses for Drones (other than to spy on people)

Before drones were made available to the public/hobby enthusiasts, they started off their lives in the military. From as early as 2000, drones were used for surveillance, , and armed drones have been used in military operations since 2004. But recently they have been used for a lot more. While most people are aware of the military application, here are 5 other uses for drones that you may not have known about.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dx3k-Z1A2U]

1. Drones as drug mules

This method of drug trafficking is so popular, that drug cartels actually get custom made drones. To avoid being tracked, the drones are put on a kind of autopilot so that they don’t need a controller. One even crashed recently.

2. Drones as medicine suppliers/activists

A group of activists are releasing abortion pills into Poland, in protest of the country’s strict rules on reproductive rights. QuiQui in San Francisco are planning on starting a pharmacy delivery company. Drones can also be used to deliver medicinal supplies to remote areas.

3. Drones as Mr Delivery 

Amazon has used drones to deliver their products, and Dominoes even delivered pizza via drone. Best of all, South Africans at OppiKoppi got the chance to have their beer delivered by drone.

4. Wildlife protection

Parks in Kenya are turning to drones to monitor animal movement and identify poachers before they kill an animal. This eye in the sky approach, has also been used in Nepal to map out hard to reach conservation areas, and in Borneo and Sumatra to save the organutans.

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What would you use a drone for? 

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