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Millennial internet dating

Here’s my confession: I like snooping on the internet, a bit like a modern day spy. I like to keep my finger on the pulse on the weird and wonderful things us millennials get up to. This includes the dating habits of our generation; we’re always doing something strange to meet our significant others (S.O).

I discovered some awesome albeit strange dating sites during my daily snooping session.  And no, Tinder is not even on the list, because Tinder is for hook-ups and it’s actually lost its appeal to be honest.

I’m talking about dating sites that are geared towards a very specific type of person. Millennial internet dating seems to be evolving into a pick and choose shopping expedition.


Here we go:

  1. Only farmers allowed. (com)

No really. Like farmers who live on farms and farm and do farmy stuff. You have to be a farmer to join this site. Apparently you can choose the traditional dating route or a ‘cowboy’ roundup to find you Significant Farmer. It’s kind of like Boer soek ‘n Vrou, except the vrou is also ‘n boer.

  1. GINGERS! (com; justgingersingles.com)

Whilst looking for the ginger only dating sites, I actually found one locally! Gingers in South Africa, you can sign up and date fellow gingers. Exciting, isn’t it? I like this one, maybe because I’m a bit of a strawberry blonde, a kind of ginger. “As a member of just ginger singles, you’ll only ever be shown redheads. We guarantee that we’ll never show you blondes or brunettes.” This is an actual quote from their website. Maybe Prince Harry will join? We can only wish.

  1. Pairing by BANDS (fm)

Technically this one is an app and not a site, but still – this is AWESOME. You can actually choose someone based on similar music taste, I bet everyone has wanted to do this at some point or another. I know I have in the past. Like seriously dude, you’re a bit way too much into Britney Spears. *Okay, that probably should have been a big red flag*. But I digress. Think about it, you’ll never have to pretend to like a crappy band ever again. Check out their site.

  1. BOOKS! (com)

Yes, there’s finally a dating site that matches you with people who love the same literature you do. Don’t you hate it when you ask someone what they love reading on a first date and they answer with ‘I don’t read’ or ‘magazines’. Thanks for the latte buddy; I won’t be seeing you around. Bookworms unite. I think this is rad.

  1. Those really ripped people (com)

Like these perfect human beings don’t find each other in the gym already, now they have a dating site. Sign up and talk about egg white omelettes and burpees for days. *eye roll*

Side note: Eat some carbs, it’s good for you.

  1. Men with accents (com)

This site is exclusively for American women wanting to date British men. Lucky fish. That’s all I have to say on this one.

  1. Snobby people (com)

You can only join this site if you’ve attended an Ivy League university, you know so that your kids won’t be dumb and so that you can waste your education by becoming a stay at home mum with an au pair. Enough said.


I think the above sites are pretty interesting. The only problem I have with them is that the person who turns out to be your S.O. is very often not someone that ticks your boxes on some silly list. It’s usually someone you don’t expect AT ALL, but it just works, it just clicks and you find yourself stupidly happy.

Head’s up: I don’t think the services of most of these sites are available in South Africa, but it’s still hella interesting that people can be this specific about what they want in an S.O.

Source: Marie Claire

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