ErgoProp Laptop Stand

Does the ErgoProp Laptop Stand actually work?

I have this fear that my 20/20 vision is no longer perfect. I get this terrible ache in my shoulder half way through the day and a few weeks ago I had a scary situation where I pinched a nerve in my hand and I’m pretty sure it had something to do with having it on a mouse all day.

Bottom line? I spend FAR too much time on my laptop and PC. I’m hunched over typing away nonstop. It isn’t helping my body at all.

My curiosity was piqued when the ErgoProp Laptop Stand landed on my desk for review. It’s a piece of plastic that retails for R299 and can be bought at the Ergotherapy online store.

ErgoProp Laptop Stand

Allegedly the product is designed to prop your laptop up and provide a more comfortable angle which improves posture and wrist position. The Science says that when you raise your laptop screen you’ll raise your head and this, in turn, will straighten your spine. If your spine is straight your shoulders relax and this will prevent pain.

ErgoProp Laptop Stand

I used the ErgoProp Laptop Stand for roughly two weeks. Pulling it out the box it is just a hunk of plastic with a foldable arm. Click the arm into place and plonk the laptop on top. It works for most notebooks as it measures roughly 300 x 225 mm. This is potentially a negative though because when travelling it takes up considerable space in your bag.

ErgoProp Laptop Stand

My biggest concern with gadget accessories like this is that they might be a bit “cheap” and break after awhile. Even though I’ve only had it a short time the ErgoProp Laptop Stand is really well made. The arm is secure and I can’t see it snapping any time soon. It also has rubber foot guards so it doesn’t slide around. It’s available in black only and I’d possibly like a bit more of a colour selection but stickers and spray paint fix most things.

But, does it work?

ErgoProp Laptop Stand

Yes. I immediately felt a difference. No shoulder pain, I can feel I’m sitting up straighter and sitting in front of my laptop for long periods isn’t as annoying as it once was. I’m a pretty “less is more” kind of girl when it comes to gadget accessories. However, this one? It’s a must have. I’d recommend it to anyone with a laptop.

ErgoProp Laptop Stand

Disclaimer: We were given the ErgoProp Laptop Stand to review. It goes back. 

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