your pet on Yummypets

Is your pet on Yummypets?

No, this is not some weird Asian festival or website aiming to cook your dog or cat in a steamy stew.

You’ll know, by now, that I’m a bit obsessed with my pets. My gorgeous dog, Digit, and my horse, Zuperstar, have both featured on this blog at some point. In fact, I get great joy in finding ways to feature them in the “tech” space. Digit has appeared in videos and we’ve even used him to show off prizes up for grabs. Remember this beauty?

If you’re also obsessed with your dog or cat or even rabbit, I’ve found something you’ll love. It’s called Yummypets. It’s this vibey social network that has made a big impact in France with more than half a million pet owners setting up profiles. It’s now been introduced in English so you and I can have a little bit of fun!

How it works
First you visit the website (or download the app from the Google Play or Apple store) and set up your log in details. Then, you set up your pet’s profile. This is where you get to have so much fun. I spend far too much time posting pictures of Digit to Instagram. I uploaded them all and, in future, they’ll go on Yummypets before anywhere else.
your pet on Yummypets
The community is so welcoming. Within a few minutes Digit had a few new friends and a follower! Within an hour he had a host of “yummies” on his photos (think likes or favourites). Two hours later and one of his photos had been picked for the “Elite Board” – which is where they post the community’s best photos. Yes, I’m bragging. Deal with it.
It’s not just pet narcissism
Within a few minutes of signing up I realised Yummypets was far more than just a spot to tell you how rad my dog is (he is, if you haven’t figured that out already). There are community forums where you can chat to other pet owners (cats, dogs, rabbits… take your pick) and ask them questions or share ideas. There are breed specific groups or groups for certain pet interests. There is also a news section where experts share advice. It’s filled with helpful hints and tips.
The site also has a businesses section where pet related businesses can set up pages. Useful if you’re desperately searching for an Iron Man costume for your dog (looking for a friend, I swear).
Best part about Yummypets? Completely free for you and me. Free is my favourite.
your pet on Yummypets
I *think* Digit might be the first South African pet on Yummypets and he is desperate for some friends. If you’re as animal obsessed as I am then why not set up a profile. Once you have make sure to friend Digit and he’ll friend you back. Also, warn your boss – work might go out the window once your cat or dog gets online.
Is your pet on Yummypets yet?

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