Make your own “Cardboard Theatre”

The latest craze to hit Japan is something called the Cardboard Theatre. Like the name suggests, it is exactly what you think it is… a cardboard theatre. Only in Japan. I saw this trend on Mashable and decided to try it out for myself. Here is how you can make your very own private movie theatre. Think of it as tech made easy. You are welcome.

You will need:


A box big enough to go over your head. Your phone or tablet of choice. Tape, marker, scissors and ninja blade (a regular one will work too).

Step 1: 


Turn your box upside down and place your device of choice in the centre. Using the marker, trace around the device. Once you have done this, draw a smaller shape in the centre. This will be the ledge for your device which will keep it from falling on your face. You will be left with something that looks like the picture below.


Step 2:


Flip the box in its side and cut a rectangle big enough to go over your neck. You don’t want to make it too big, else your viewing pleasure will be compromised. Alternatively, only cut each side and make it a flap.

Step 3:


Use the tape to secure your device the top. Make sure the screen is not covered by any cardboard.

Step 4:


You will need to find a flat surface, so no pillows allowed. Choose your favourite series or YouTube playlist and enjoy the show. The sound is actually quite good (think of the phone in a cup example) and you get your very own Cardboard Theatre.

Cost: your dignity. It is also free.

Time: 10 minutes

Special instructions: this is not waterproof.



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