A horoscope app for your cat, meet ZodiaCat

A horoscope app for your cat, meet ZodiaCat

I love Digit. I ensure he features on this site regularly. Many of you have your very own Digit only in cat form. Truth be told, for the most part I prefer animals, dogs or cats or horses, to most humans so I could completely justify downloading an app for my cat (if I had one).

And now you can!

A horoscope app for your cat, meet ZodiaCat

ZodiaCat is going to be available on iOS devices from 6 June. There is a free version that lets you simply shake the app each day to get your cat’s personalised horoscope. All you’ll need to do is sign in with your cat’s name, birthday and their picture. You’re able to share the horoscope on Twitter on Facebook… take that annoying parents with your ridiculous baby pics!

There’s a rad twist though – if you choose to download the paid version (99 US cents so I’m presuming between R10 and R15?) the app developers will donate 20% of the proceeds to Best Friends Animal Society to try help the plight of our feline friends in need.

A horoscope app for your cat, meet ZodiaCat

If you’re still not convinced about downlaoding ZodiaCat, this video might convince you. I might go adopt a kitty just for the app. Really,

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