3 Ways to Go Green

3 Ways to Go Green Now (and 2 for later)

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

— Dr. Seuss, from The Lorax

We’ve been told we need to go green and most of us really want to, but often it seems expensive, time consuming and well, we just have other stuff that seems more important. Everyone can make a difference, and here are 3 ways to go green now, and 2 for later.

  1. Drink tap water from your own water bottle

Bottled water is more expensive than petrol in SA. If that doesn’t deter you, think about this: It takes 1000 years for a plastic water bottle to bio-degrade. Invest in a water bottle (BPA free so the nasty gremlins don’t get you) and make sure you carry it with you wherever you go. I have a few and use one on the way to work, always have one in my bag and have a few extras at work. If you must buy water, reuse the bottle a few times.

bottled water
Reuse your old water bottles or invest a BPA free one.
  1. BYOB – bring your own bag

While this seems like a no brainer, it’s so much easier to ask the cashier for two bags than to carry some around. Get a tote that you carry around with you or leave in your car or better yet reuse your trusty plastic bags. By folding them like this, you will save so much space that it will be easy to carry them around.

tote bag
Use a tote bag for your shopping or fold plastic bags to make them easy to carry.
  1. Turn the lights down

The next time a light bulb blows, don’t try and save a quick buck, rather invest in long lasting LED lights. If you leave an LED light on for 8 hours per day, it would take around 20 years before you’d have to replace it. While initially they are a lot more expensive, you need to think long term here. If you would like to work out how much cash you will be saving, use this Ellies energy savings calculator.

LED light
While they may be expensive, they last longer and are better for the environment.

Never underestimate what small changes can do, and if you are ready to make bigger changes and invest in going green, here are two ways to do just that.

  1. Who needs Eskom anyway?

Greendock.com has put together a comprehensive alternate energy directory for South Africans. This ranges from solar power to wind power to renewable energy sources, which will make transforming your home into a green machine a breeze.

  1. Plant some trees and have some fun along the way

If you want to save the planet but don’t know how, then GreenPop is your answer. They plant trees and have fun doing it. You can volunteer, donate a tree or join them on their annual trip to Zambia which includes an amazing music festival.

What tips do you have for going green? #TechGirlGoGreen

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