Lego Build with Chrome

I love Lego. My love for Lego goes way beyond my Lego Snape key ring. I remember as a young kid going to my friend’s house and building stuff for hours. There was none of that pink lego is for girls – we all used the same. Lego equality if you will. These days Lego is still awesome but it is much bigger. We have Lego art, games and who can forget the Lego Movie (everything is awesome). And now we also have virtual Lego that you build in your browser. It’s called Build with Chrome.

My love for Lego goes way beyond my Snape key ring

Go to the website www.buildwithchrome.com (interestingly it works in Firefox too). You have 3 options when you arrive.

1. You can jump right in and start building, which is exactly what I did and here are the results.

I aint no Master Builder
I aint no Master Builder

2. Or you could start by learning the basics with the Building Academy. The cool dude from the Lego Movie gives you different tasks that you need to complete.

If you want to become a Master Builder stay in school kids

3. Or you can explore the wonderful world of what others have built.

If you let the internet know your location, you can get spots in the world to build your own creations

I got quite into this, and even though my skills resemble amateur hour, it was pretty fun. Also I couldn’t get Everything is Awesome out of my head.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StTqXEQ2l-Y]


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