geeky gadgets you can buy online

5 geeky gadgets you can buy online

Whenever I’m procrastinating at work I tend to start playing on pinterest. My favourite thing to search for is geeky gadgets. There are thousands of really rad things you can spend your money on, have you seen all these Star Wars inspired kitchen gadgets? While it is a good way to waste time it can also be rather depressing. It seems all the really cool geeky gadgets are available in the UK and US, but locally we’re limited in our choices. Trying to buy overseas products online is a bit of a bitch. The price is deceiving because while something may seem really affordable, when it finally arrives in South Africa (usually months after it has been despatched) you get hit with a giant customs bill.

My friend once sent me Marvel stockings as a gift. When they arrived I was charged R400 in duties. They cost her a total of R200. Go figure.

That’s why I’m rather stoked with my new find and wanted to share it with you. Raru offers a UK and US import service on their online store. They’re able to source items for you overseas and bring them in. They’ve got MILLIONS of products listed on their UK Import and US Import sections – that they’re able to fly in to South Africa. The prices include all the shipping, tax and custom duty costs. It ends up a far cheaper alternative to bringing the stuff in yourself (and far less hassle).

Recently someone emailed me desperately looking for a phone cover. They’d hunted high and low locally for a cover for their new smartphone and were coming unstuck. That’s where Raru’s new import offering is ideal. Drop them an email and they can hunt one down for you and bring it in.

In a moment of procrastination I did a little bit of window shopping on the Raru site and found some really rad geeky gadgets you can buy online (and they’re priced really well). These are my 5 picks:

Spock Socks

geeky gadgets you can buy online

Technically not a gadget but far too rad not to share. It’s no secret I’m a Trekkie. With Winter fast approaching these are the perfect toe warmers AND they have ears. How cute?

iPhone 6 Screen Protector

geeky gadgets you can buy online

I smash and crack screens faster than you run for your torch when loadshedding hits. It can be a headache to hunt down covers and protectors for new phone models though (especially the popular phones). Raru doesn’t only import iPhone 6 accessories, drop them an email and they’ll hunt down exactly what you’re looking for.

Dancing baby Groot

geeky gadgets you can buy online

Nevermind Pinterest, if I had this little guy on my desk I’d flick his bobblehead and watch him dance. Time waster and heart warmer in one!

Dr Who sonic screwdriver toothbrush

geeky gadgets you can buy online

Dr Who is one of my favourite TV series and my love for it is shared with my 3 best friends. For less than R500 I can gift them with shiny pearly whites and feed their Doctor obsession. It’s kind of the perfect geeky home gadget right?

Hair curler

geeky gadgets you can buy online

Okay so there might not be any geek in this geeky gadget but I’m useless at curling my hair with a GHD. Fact. I’ve watched so many YouTube tutorials and end up with bits sticking up and no curls to speak of. I’ve been looking for one of these hair curlers locally for some time (mainly because it looks so simple to use that not even I could get it wrong), but they’ve all been priced at over a grand and I couldn’t justify spending that. Importing one for less than R500 is the ideal solution.

What’s the one geeky gadget you have your heart set on? 

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