Grabble - it is like Tinder but for fashion

Grabble – it is like Tinder but for fashion

to the left Beyonce

To the left, to the left…. who knew Beyonce (Bae) would call it. Tinder is a dating app that brings up a list of people in your area and you either like them (swipe to the right) or not (swipe to the left). If both parties like each other, then its a match and you get married and have kids. Not really, but you can start chatting. Grabble, an app that lets you choose your favourite clothing items and gives you the option to purchase them, has jumped on the Tinder-like swipe bandwagon and introduced it to eCommerce.

grabble - shopping app

What: Grabble

How it works: Love a piece? Swipe right. Don’t like it? Swipe left. Products that you grabbed (swiped right) are added to your collection, which can be viewed on the app or on your computer.

Who: Fashionistas and bargain hunters will love this app.

Why: You will be notified when the items that you have grabbed go on sale.

Cool stuff: Their collections are updated frequently and cover a range of styles. New retailers are being added all the time.

Not so cool stuff: For the moment only available in the UK, so they will have to ship to South Africa AND you are dealing with that nasty exchange rate.  Hopefully SA brands will start soon.

Get it for Android here  or Get it for iPhone here



  • Reply Don May 22, 2015 at 09:50

    There’s an initiative for a young eager entrepreneur out there: get some local manufacturers & retailers on board so we’re not paying in GBP 🙂

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