A Day in the Woods iOS game review

A Day in the Woods iOS game review


R59.99 in the App Store 

What you need to know:

  • Will be available for Android soon
  • The PC version was named one of the best games of 2011
  • Developed by local independent game development company, Retro Epic (local is lekker!)
  • Puzzle game

What we think you should know:

Puzzle games are my absolute favourite. I tend to play them while I’m waiting for my nails to dry after a manicure. They’re ideal time wasters. They’re also extremely infuriating when you cannot get them right! The struggle of getting stuck on a level is real.

A Day in the Woods iOS game review

A Day in the Woods is an iOS puzzle game I downloaded for my iPad. You get to play as Little Red Riding Hood’s spirit companion or magical fairy companion, if you like. Your job is to help her navigate the long and dangerous journey to grandmother’s house. You need to guide her through the woods while avoiding bears, spiders and Red Riding Hood’s nemesis himself, the big bad wolf.

A Day in the Woods iOS game review

You need to navigate each hexagon-tiled level, shifting and swapping tiles around until you can get Little Red Riding Hood to the house at the end of the level. Each level has different obstacles to navigate and bonus objectives in the form of berries and flowers – which Red Riding Hood will give to the home owners when successfully finishing a level to achieve the best possible score (because let’s be honest, everyone loves free food!).

A Day in the Woods iOS game review

My major bug bear is that Little Red Riding Hood is very forgetful and seems to forget exactly where her grandmother’s house is, so there are plenty of challenging levels in a Day in the Woods.

This is not a mindless Candy Crush time waster. It’s a game that starts off so easy you’ll think it is designed specifically for kids but will become progressively more challenging the more you play that you’ll find yourself whipping out your iPhone or iPad in bank queues or while watching mindless TV to try get past those tricky levels, yes I’m looking at you 49.

A Day in the Woods iOS game review

What I like about a Day in the Woods is that it has a child friendly twist in the form of Little Red Riding Hood but it is difficult enough that you’ll eventually find some sort of chore to send your kid off to do so you can play. It’s visually beautiful and exquisitely designed. The fact that this game was developed by a local studio in Cape Town makes it all the more appealing to me. It will be appealing to you because it is fun and challenging to play.

The rad folk at Retro Epic have given me a Day in the Woods promo code to giveaway – so you’ll be able to download this baby for free! If you want to get your hands on it simply tell me in the comments below why you MUST MUST MUST have it. 

Disclaimer: I was supplied with a promo code to review this game. I was also supplied with a promo code to give away, because the game is rad and should be shared. Fact. 


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