What games you should be playing this Winter

Winter is the perfect excuse to stay inside and veg on the couch.

Put that phone down, log out of Facebook, and close that Twitter app because there are a ton of games out that need your attention, and immediately. No matter what you are playing right now, we have a game (or two) that you should get hold of… no matter your console. These are the games you should be playing this Winter.

games you should be playing this Winter

Nintendo 3DS

Xenoblade Chronicles

games you should be playing this Winter


One of the best RPGs in the industry got ported to the “new” Nintendo 3DS, and it is as gorgeous as can possibly be. Over 70 hours of exploring a vast world set on a gargantuan Titan, controlling time in battle, and slaying beasts the size of mountains. If you are looking for a game to play whilst in bed or during load shedding, then this is the perfect pick up and play title.

games you should be playing this Winter

Wii U

Mario Kart 8

games you should be playing this Winter

I know Mario Kart 8 has been out for a while, but guess what? The game just received the ultimate DLC pack ever! 8 new courses, 3 new races, and a ton of new parts to customize your kart with. The new courses are themed to the classics that we all grew up with but remodelled for the Wii U. There is also a brand new mode that boosts the race speed up from 150cc to 200cc. This new 200cc mode is free, all you will have to do is a quick download to update the game to version 4.0. Start your engines, and may the best Mii win!

PlayStation 4


games you should be playing this Winter

Hardcore or not, this PlayStation exclusive cannot be missed. Bloodborne has taught me how to be a better gamer. It has brought a calm into my life even at the toughest times where everything was against me, well a bunch of dogs with crow heads that is. Bloodborne can make or break you, and mould you into the ultimate gaming machine. Once you have played Bloodborne, consider yourself a hardcore gamer.

Exploring the streets and outskirts of Yharnam, a city that is experiencing its “annual” hunting evening. Slaying beasts, dying, slaying bosses, dying, and overcoming the nightmare, before dying again. It is one of the greatest PS4 games ever crafted, there is really no excuse.

games you should be playing this Winter

Mortal Kombat X

games you should be playing this Winter

We are all addicted to Mortal Kombat X right now, it is a biology lesson in a video game, and there will be blood, lots and lots of it. The best thing about the game is the two player matches. Grab a frenemy, kick her ass at a match, and then just use an easy Fatality Token to rip open her stomach and slice her face off. Delicious right? If you are not into couch fights, you can take on the world thanks to the very-stable online mode. You can even participate in a Faction War where your faction will climb to the top and try stay there while four other factions are trying beat you down in standings. *Warning: There will be blood*

Xbox One

Ori and the Blind Forest

games you should be playing this Winter

One of the greatest games available on the Xbox One right is Ori and The Blind Forest. Playing through its 10 hour campaign was a beautiful experience that set the bar for indie platformers to come. It tells the story of Ori, a forest creature that has to venture to a dangerous world in order to restore the magical power that has been taken from the forest. Collecting the 3 elements that power the world, you will solve puzzles, and need a quick finger as you traverse the deadly environments filled with treasures and mutated forest animals.

games you should be playing this Winter

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

games you should be playing this Winter

I recently reviewed Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, so there is really nothing else I can say about it. It is awesome to every extent and requires your attention. If you find yourself at home with a friend or significant other, boot up split screen and get going, you will not regret it.

games you should be playing this Winter


Mortal Kombat X (yes we are addicted)

games you should be playing this Winter

We have a problem, we know, but when you have seen so much blood in one place, it affects you forever. The Mortal Kombat X game for iOS is the only way to play Mortal Kombat on the go. Sure it features simplified battles, but once you get the hang of things it’s actually a walk in the park. Playing the iOS app will unlock epic new costumes in the main game on PS4, Xbox One, or PC. You literally just get the awesome Raiden Future costume for downloading the app. The app does feature in-app purchases, but what app doesn’t these days?


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

games you should be playing this Winter

Goodbye work, goodbye coffee meetups, as you can now play the highly addictive Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on your phone, wherever you are. Blizzard ported this recently to Android, and iOS and it works so well on the smaller screen. It is the ideal card battle game, and the only one that matters I might add. If you are new to the game you will be greeted with a tutorial battle to teach you the ropes, oh and a free starter pack to get you going.


  1. I would rather get Borderlands on the PS4 than on the Xbox One. For Xbox One, Halo Master Chief Collection and ODST. Have to agree with Ori and the Blind forest probably the best game on the Xbox One atm.

    A good mention on the PS4 as well is Journey being released in June. Also, Final Fantasy X/X2 remastered for PS4 is worth mentioning, as it is still one of the best Final Fantasy games out there.

    1. Got to agree, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is an awesome bundle! Can’t wait to replay Journey on PS4. Let us not forgot The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, if I had to mention every game that I want to play I would be here all day. I will probably do another one of these articles in July and the games will be totally different.

      1. That is to true. There are so many out there, not even funny. Think the end of the year will be crazy.

        I just want to get more news on No Man’s Sky. Can’t find release date anywhere, or any new news on it.

        1. Sony listed it in their “Games of 2015” article, but I highly doubt it will make it out this year. It’s too ambitious, from too small a team. I’m also really looking forward to it, but if we’re playing it before mid 2016 I’ll be surprised.

        1. I take my hat off to game reviewers, and reviewers in general.

          I am an avid gamer, and love it. It is my break away after work to help me relax. Would much rather play a game than read a book. I love getting immersed in the worlds of my favorite games. Their stories become my own, and I can image how they must be feeling. The games I love can take hours of my life (as long a my son doesn’t need me) and can get stuck on doing the most remedial thing, just to say I did it.

          But make playing games my job, though it sounds fun, I cannot imagine a worst thing in my life. I have deadlines to meet, meaning I have to rush through games I love, and finish games I hate alike. After work, what use to be my escape from work, will remind me of work.

          You have to write long essays about what you love, trying to be neutral at the same time, or have to face a public blasting your opinion and calling you names.

          I think it is the hardest job in the world, and definitely not one for me 😀

          1. Haha/ The hardest thing for me is playing a game that you love, but when the times comes to review it you actually turn yourself against it because you have to be so honest about it. Deadlines are not the worst thing in the world actually, you learn to manage your time and often you get enough time to review stuff.

            The best thing about doing what I do is comments from you guys, showing that you read what I write and even if you disagree you take your time to tell me why. That gives me the satisfaction I need to build on my work and makes it all worthwhile. 🙂

  2. I recently got Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, I have played it on PC before and it’s a game best played with a friend. I have played all the DLC and I can recommend this as a great 4-man co-op game.
    However this winter I will be getting The Witcher 3 (*^_^*)

  3. Well my winter will be mixed with BF: Hardline, Mortal Kombat X, Goat Simulator, Halo MCC, Ori and the blind Forest, Wolfenstein: The old Blood and Project Cars. Maybe just Maybe I will get some time to finish AC Revelations and then start AC3. But who knows what the future my holds. I see some Halo ODST in my near future.

          1. I know many will get bored fast, but the game just plays so much better with controller and all the hidden things around. Like there is a Queen of Goats aka Game of Thrones spoof hidden in the game.

    1. What about the Witcher 3? You have to want that! I cant wait for ODST either, was one of my favorite Halos, plus we getting it for free because of the launch month bugs – win!

      1. Witcher 3? what is that? O wait it is that Beard growing Simulator 😉

        To be honest, not really my style game, just couldn’t get into Witcher 2. But maybe just maybe it will change my mind.

        1. Hahaha!! I have to admit, the whole beard thing is pretty epic, but I hate beards so I will not be using that feature! I could not get into the second one either, but this one looks more Dragon Age : Inquisition than anything else,and that has my attention.

          1. What is wrong with beards? I use that feature everyday in real life. well it gets reset every 2 weeks.

            I still need to give Dragon Age: inquisition a go. That game has my attention and now that they announced Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year edition. I am super excited.

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