4 Acer gadgets I want

The 4 Acer gadgets I want

That header image is me in the World Trade Centre in New York. Rather rad right? I was lucky enough to be flown here by Acer to get a glimpse at some of the products they plan to launch this year and also have some hands on time with the gadgets.

There were more than 40 products announced but there were 4 Acer gadgets I want in 2015. Here they are:

Aspire R11

4 Acer gadgets I want

This is a convertable 11″ notebook. You can use it as a normal notebook but you can also do full 360 degree screen rotation with it so you’ll be able to use it as a tablet. I really dig this because it becomes the ideal media player as well as a work companion. I can also imagine that it would be great to use in the kitchen – type up a recipe then flip over to tablet mode to follow your instructions as you bake (or in my case, directions to the nearest Woolies!)

4 Acer gadgets I want

Iconia One 8


Tablets are tablets right? The Iconia One 8 is so pretty though! It’s an Android tablet with an 8″ screen and available in some gorgeous colours. The great thing about this little tablet is its ability to run media for you. It offers up some gorgeous visuals with Zero Air Gap and an IPS Display. If you have to have an Android tablet at least you’ll be able to funk it up in crazy colours.


The Switch 10″ with a Gorilla Glass finish


This is something I’ve been saying forever but Jason Chen, Acer CEO finally said it on stage: Gadgets are fashion accessories. We want them to look stylish and attractive when we’re working on them – whether in the office, at a coffee shop or home alone. Acer decided to follow through with this idea (and I, for one, am grateful) by introducing the Switch 10″ but with a Gorilla Glass finish. I love this 2 in 1. It has all the working power of the Switch 10 but with an absolutely glorious finish. I love 2 in 1 devices. I find them far more practical than notebooks. They’re lightweight and easy to cart around. With a 10″ display this little baby will fit neatly into your handbag.  It’s one of those devices that will help you stand out from the crowd but without costing you an arm and a leg. It’s divine! One of the things Acer focused on in their design strategy this year was aesthetically pleasing features that solve consumer issues. Genevieve Bell from Intel commented that the new Acer products have stronger hinges, new tech on the screens to reduce finger prints and a few other handy features that just make our lives a bit easier (and is one of the main reasons I use tech).


Liquid Leap Curve


I know. I know. I constantly hate on wearables. They’re glorified step counters really. BUT, the Liquid Leap Curve looks so good on someone’s arm. If you have to go the route of a wearable this is the one I’d suggest. It has changeable bands so is a fashion accessory on top of being able to measure your heart rate. It also offers up something new in the form of a stress sensor (some days, if I wore this, it would probably be beeping constantly to remind me to slow down!). The big one for me though? It’s waterproof. About time, I’ve been waiting for a beautiful to look at waterproof wearable for some time.

These gadgets will be released throughout 2015 and different dates. Acer is one of the more affordable notebook brands as well so I’m hoping they’ll come in at cheaper price points. Which one of the 4 Acer gadgets I want is your favourite? 

Disclaimer: The accommodation and meal costs of my trip to New York were covered by Acer.



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