3 mommy websites you (and your kids) will love

3 mommy websites you (and your kids) will love

I never understood why children needed smartphones or tablets. We live in the land of endless sunshine and open spaces – go outside and play dammit! But in the digital age no amount of my non parenting rants are going to change the fact that kids are now online. There are ways to keep them safe and there are also a host of websites to help you with parenting and also keep them entertained. These 3 new mommy websites are rather interesting and filled with useful information for parents. There’s also a few child friendly bits added to them, so you’ll both love them!

Disney Healthy Living

3 mommy websites you (and your kids) will love

If you’re looking for healthy eating suggestions, how to make physical activity a bit more fun and ways to get your kids active as opposed to developing into squishy fat balls located in front of a TV you’ll like this site. Disney partnered up with Discovery Vitality to create this online portal. The brands use everyone’s favourite mouse (and a few other Disney favourites) to share activities, games, recipes and articles that will help you improve your family’s wellbeing. The kids’ section with games will also keep them entertained. Disney Healthy Living is a must visit!

Nintendo kids club

3 mommy websites you (and your kids) will love

I suppose my 3DS was probably made with kids in mind (though I love it anyway). If you’ve purchased a console for your little ones the Nintendo Kids Club makes for a great website to visit. There’s an online show to watch, games to play and online activities that keep your little ones busy playing, decorating and creating fun stuff. There’s also a grown ups section, if you insist.

Rattle and Mum

3 mommy websites you (and your kids) will love

You didn’t think this list would be complete without our own contributor on here, right? Rattle and Mum is probably SA’s leading mommy blog. It is chockablock full of parenting advice, fun competitions and interesting articles. Many of the news pieces make for fun sharing with your kids and also directs you to interesting child related activities.

Which is your favourite mommy website? 

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