This new Nike hashtag #betterforit - does it inspire you?

What technology inspires you to get fit?

In the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing a new health journey with you. I’ve figured out a way to combine tech and fitness to try reach my personal fitness goal: to lose 5 kgs in the next 3 months.

It seems really easy but if you knew my schedule, my time limits and my love for food, you’ll know that just getting a 20 minute work out into a day is a big thing for me.

This new Nike hashtag #betterforit - does it inspire you?

On the back of my personal journey Nike has released a new Nike hashtag #betterforit – the idea behind the hashtag is to inspire women to reach their fitness goals. Along with the hashtag we can expect a host of videos from top female athletes sharing their thoughts, personal stories and some inspiration.

It turns out Nike isn’t the only fitness brand using technology to inspire. Puma has a great running app called PUMATRAC especially designed to keep runners inspired and motivated while they workout. It works hand in hand with your favourite music apps to determine what songs get you running faster, allows you to track your runs on a GPS map and also has a treadmill toggle for your indoor runs (which will come in handy when I start on the treadmill).

technology inspires you to get fit


I always thought hashtags, training apps and inspirational quotes were all a bit silly. But the start of my journey has made me rethink the entire thing! I’ve partnered up GOHealth. They’re a new gym opening locally. I’m no gym bunny and with my hectic schedule the chances of me even getting into one daily are pretty slim. That’s why I was intrigued by GOHealth. The gym itself offers all the usuals you’d expect from a gym BUT also throws in a heap of Technology. On signing up I received a type of key that plugs into all the machines in the gym and is able to track my progress.

technology that inspires you to get fit

There’s also going to be a work out of the day that you can download to your smartphone by scanning the QR code on the gym wall. The first GOHealth gym is set to open in the middle of May in Johannesburg.


For someone like me who is on the go constantly and can’t always be in the gym, the GOHealth app pulls my activity from my Garmin Vivofit or Fitbit (as well as a few others) and tracks my progress for me. So I get a really good idea of how my health drive is going. It’s a comprehensive fitness programme and adding the gadgets and fun stuff on the phone I’m hoping that the technology inspires me enough to reach my goals.


Are things like  the hashtag #Betterforit, social media groups and rad technology in your gym enough to keep you inspired? Or does it just help to know you’re not alone on your fitness journey?

Disclaimer: I have been gifted with a year’s free gym membership to GOHealth and in return I shall document my fitness journey and give some thoughts on the technology the gym uses. Keep following these posts because I’ll have a membership to giveaway as well! 


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