Zomato makes life easier for bloggers

It’s no secret that I love Zomato. It’s my go to app for all things foodie. Whenever I travel to a country that has the app in use I rely heavily on it to ensure I eat at the best and most affordable restuarants. I’ve written about travelling with Zomato before. If you head over to my Zomato profile you’ll see a stack of London restuarant check ins and photos.

I also got a chance to share a coffee with Alexandra Kalinowski, who works in the Zomato office in the UK. One of the reasons I love the food sharing app is because they constantly engage with their users to make the entire experience better. One of the things they’ve introduced is that if you use #zomato on your Instagram posts it will immediately push your pictures to the Zomato app, so you won’t need to repost in a trillion different places.

Zomato makes life easier for bloggers

Zomato recently purchased Urbanspoon which is a very similar app used in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and the US. One of the things about Urbanspoon was that it made it really easy for bloggers to share their food posts or restuarant reviews with the app as opposed to having to re blog everything in app. Alexandra shared with me that we can expect this service to be rolled across the Zomato app. You’ll need to add a widget to your WordPress or Blogger blog, but once you’ve done that and select to share – your review will automatically share on your Zomato profile without you having to copy and paste or move everything over! Yay!

Zomato makes life easier for bloggers

I cannot wait. There’s a few other exciting changes coming including the reintroduction of leader boards. Any competition that encourages you to eat is one I can get behind!

Do you use Zomato? What would you like to see on the app?

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