HiSense Infinity H6

Is the HiSense Infinity H6 a best buy smartphone?



What you need to know:

  • Runs on Android KitKat 4.4
  • 5″ display, 1280 x 720 pixels, 294 ppi
  • Metal body finish
  • weighs about 130g
  • 8MP Rear Camera and 5MP front camera
  • 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor
  • 16G (ROM) & 1G(RAM)
  • SD card slot (you can add up to 32G extra memory)

What we think you should know:

I was taking the Hisense Infinity H6 out of its box, and it felt like it was Christmas all over again. As you get older, the best gifts become things that you need and the H6 Infinity is just that, something I need.

HiSense Infinity H6

The first thing that you notice is that the Infinity H6 is quite a sexy little number and is encased in metal (which is great for those who find themselves dropping their phones a little too often). The 5.0 inch screen means that you see more and can still operate it using one hand. You definitely don’t need tickets to the gun show, as this mobile device is very light. The Infinity H6 easily fits in your back pocket and takes up little space in your bag.

Getting started with the Infinity H6

It was really quick to set up and I liked how the SIM card easily slides into the side of the phone. None of that trying to take the back cover off, breaking a nail (I’ve got very short nails so this hurts, a lot) then removing the battery, inserting the SIM card (which way does it go again) and then trying to put it all together again. Not only is it easy to put the sim card in, but the Infinity H6 offers dual SIM capability, which lets users run two SIM cards (either a data SIM or call SIM, or two separate call SIM) from different accounts and networks off a single device.

HiSense Infinity H6
Dual SIMs on the side of the phone makes changing SIM cards really easy.

When I asked why someone would want two SIM cards, I was informed that a lot of people have two phones, one for work and one for play. Another plus is that it guarantees lower cell phone bills, as the SIM cards can be set up to call the relevant matching network. I thought this two SIM system would be confusing but it is really simple. Whenever someone calls or sends a message, you will also get told which SIM it is from. This would also be a really handy phone for any double agents out there.

But first a selfie

The Infinity H6 is a perfect fit for the amateur photographers out there, because of the Zero-Second-Later technology, which captures images as soon as you press the shutter – no more blurred outlines or just-missed moments! The back camera also boasts a 5 P aspherical lens, which guarantees better image quality and removes distortions. The LED flashlight will ensure that you never take a dark photo again, and panoramic mode will let you capture it all.

The gesture recognition ability is the highlight for me, as it makes taking photos really easy. All you have to do is hold up your hand, clench your fist – and three seconds later, the phone will take a picture (the same as when taking a selfie on the LG G3). It took us two takes to get the hang of this feature. This feature works really well with selfie sticks as well.

HiSense Infinity H6
Amandla: getting the hang of taking a photo using hand gestures.
HiSense Infinity H6
The perfect selfie.

Battery Life

Battery life is a big thing for me. I have a car charger (for podcasts on the way to work), carry a charged battery in my bag, and I have a cable at work that stays plugged into my laptop. Taking this into consideration, I decided to test the battery life out. This battery did pretty well, because of what I do (work in digital) I am always checking social media, downloading new apps and updating current ones. When I’m stuck in traffic on my way home, I call my friends and family (the speaker function is amazing), and at night I read all of the stuff I’ve saved during the day. The battery finally died at 3pm the next day, which means that the Infinity H6 can go for a day and a half!

How much?

For a phone with all of this functionality and sleek design, I was expecting much more, but at a suggested retail price of R3 499 this phone is not only affordable, but also great value for money.   According to Hisense General Manager, Youbo Li, “We’re pleased to offer products boasting the same technology as our competitors, yet at a more affordable price”. Affordable indeed.

Disclaimer: Jade was given the HiSense Infinity H6 to try out for a few weeks. It goes back to the brand now. Sorry Jade! 

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