Big brands providing tech support for the youth

Tech support for youngsters from big brands

I can’t remember having access to incredible tech programmes as a youngster. I spent more time drinking at the radio station as opposed to investigating new opportunities when I was at uni, so the problem might be with me. Now, with the digital age, we’re able to share some of the rad stuff and tech support for youngsters from big brands. The last few weeks have seen some pretty interesting developments. Here’s a quick recap:

Universities around the world can now apply to the OSVR Academia program. This is a program that supplies Open Source Virtual Reality hardware dev kits to the university’s research facilities. While there aren’t any South African universities on the list they can apply. The hardware designs and software are now available for free download here. I cannot wait for Virtual Reality devices and the software to develop. I might never leave the house!

Intel has bought their developer zone to South Africa. It’s a rather rad programme that supplies software developers and businesses access to a variety of tools, communities and resources. Young developers will be able to get great advice and also market their software. You can register here and then be able to access the features made available to members.

Big brands providing tech support for the youth

While some big brands have focused on those of us lucky enough to have a tertiary degree, Telkom has noticed the huge problem in South Africa – we have a host of youngsters who are unemployed! To try give tech support to youngsters the Telkom Foundation has started a job hunting training programme for youngsters who reside in the Tembisa township. The programme has about 200 volunteers who assist the youngsters to write their CVs, set up free email addresses and access job sites using their cellphones.

At this rate there is a youngster somewhere who is going to figure out how we download our consciousness to a laptop. I can’t wait! I’m also hoping she’ll be a woman because that will be rad!

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