3 gadgets to help you save energy and lower your carbon footprint

Lately I’ve become much more aware about how much junk I leave in my wake, how much water I waste and how much energy I consume. I’m not sure why but it has started bugging me and I want to do something about it. I was so impressed after visiting the Mustek headquarters. Do you know they have just under 200 solar panels on their roof and power an entire building with the electricity produced? They’re even able to feed back into the grid. I’d like to be a little bit more environmentally friendly and hope you do too!

To help I’ve found 3 gadgets to help you save energy and lower your carbon footprint.

Solar Phone Charger


I got to go the the launch of the BMW i8 recently (an electric sports car!). On leaving we were gifted with a small solar phone charger and I’ve been in love ever since. Instead of plugging my phone into the wall I leave my charger out during the day and then charge up my phone at night. I’ve loved it and not had a problem (thank goodness I live in Sunny South Africa). It’s something small but it is a great way to save energy and lower your carbon footprint. Sustainable.co.za has a stack of various solar power banks with various price tags that you can get your hands on.



I’ve told you about CarbonTRACK before but it deserves a second mention. It’s an energy management solution that will help you lower your household energy consumption, save money on your electricity bill and help you do your bit to take the pressure off our South African electricity grid. CarbonTRACK monitors and controls your heavy energy consumption and allows you to switch appliances off that are pulling power unnecessarily like hot water geysers, air cons and pool pumps. You’re able to manage the entire set up from your PC, Phone or Tablet. How? There’s a device installed in your house and then an easy to use app. The entire set up (which includes installation) will set you back around R4000 and then you’re good to go.

Energiser 2 in 1 LED Standing Light


I know what you’re thinking: adding batteries to the mix does not reduce your carbon footprint. Bear with me. This new Energiser light uses the new light fusion technology which uses several LEDs and spreads across the element in the light using “Light Fusion Elements” (hundreds of tiny dots). This Light Fusion Technology thus reflects the light over a large area. The panel’s laser etching process then provides full room lighting as opposed to the typical single light beam you expect from a torch. You end up with a torch, area light and a task light (courtesy of the stand). So instead of purchasing three different lights to help you through load shedding you only need one. The Energiser light can last for up to 20 hours and is water resistant. It runs on either disposable alkaline or rechargable NiMH AA batteries. Because you’re using 1 light as opposed to 2 or 3 you’re reducing your carbon footprint (less plastic purchases) and saving energy (one set of batteries as opposed to 2 or 3). The new Energiser light is available at Makro, Outdoor Warehouse, Pick n Pay and Sportsman’s Warehouse. You can also get it at various Game stores.

Disclaimer: I received the solar charger as a gift at the BMW i8 launch. The Energiser 2 in 1 LED Standing light was sent to me to try out (and keep). I’ve not used CarbonTRACK but attended the launch and was impressed by what was presented. 


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