Get organised with post it notes on your phone

Despite a huge amount of organisation apps available for all operating systems I have shied away from downloading any of them. I organise my day by writing lists in my physical diary and marking meetings and events in said diary. I’ve finally got around to syncing meetings with my Google Calendar. I use Google Calendar because I run my emails off Gmail. I know not everyone is a Google fan but I am.

When I need to remind myself to do something later I tend to write it on my hand as opposed to set a reminder on my phone. This made sense to me because even when setting a reminder if I was busy doing something else I’d ignore it and then forget. By scribbling on my hand it is a constant ink reminder until I jump in the shower.



Despite my rather archaic organisation system it has worked for me. Then I came across Google Keep. To be honest, it originally caught my attention because I liked the way it looked. Post it notes on your phone if you like. But once I started using it I was hooked.

It’s a free app for Android only and allows you to create checklists, voice notes and image notes. You can set reminders for morning, afternoon and evening and it also syncs with your Google account so you can view your information anywhere.


You can also play with the colour layout and just make it a fun reminder space. The only downfall is that you cannot share a list with a group or other users if you’re into collaborative sharing.

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