AVA is a compact mirror and portable charger in one

Currently my bag is a little bit cluttered. I head to work with a little laptop, two smartphones, two portable chargers, a USB stick, a dongle for internet anywhere and my headphones. Do I REALLY need to carry more things around?


That’s why I rather liked this new little gadget accessory I came across. It’s called AVA and it is a compact mirror and portable charger in one. Not only is it rather pretty but the portable charger brags a 7000 mAh battery. This means it can offer two charges to a new flagship smartphone before needing to be recharged (though don’t take our word for it. We haven’t actually used the charger!). There’s also the added benefit that it can also be used as a mirror. This allows you to toss two items from your bag and replace them with one.



The AVA creators are currently running an Indiegogo Campaign to get orders and then ship the product out. If AVA was available locally would you buy it? 

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