Super Smash Bros for Wii U Review

You can get this game from Raru for about R626.

As the definitive version of Super Smash Bros, the Wii U version is the better half of the series, compared to that of the Nintendo 3DS version. It plays smoother, looks better, and packs a ton of features that the 3DS version lacks.

The overall presentation of Super Smash Bros for Wii U knock its predecessors out of the park. Every menu, level, character, item, and detail is perfectly crafted in all Nintendo glory with no flaws to its creative appeal. The greatest thing about Super Smash Bros is its love letter to fans, there is nothing like it as you can choose from every Nintendo character ever created and beat the living daylights out of each other over and over again, without it getting old.

Super Smash Bros Wii U packs a 50 character roster in which every character has a unique play style and control system to master. You will jump from a heavy tank like Bowser, to a fast lighter character like Sonic, and have no idea what you are doing. You will never feel like you are lost in the control system though, as there is a heavy attack and a light attack with different variations depending on how you are holding the analogue. Each character shines in their abilities and it really brings out the respective franchise’s iconic moments. Mario and his infamous fireball, Sonic and his bounce spring, and the Villager and his pot plant.

Super-Smash-Bros-Wii-U (4)

Battles are intense and flashy with effects spewing from every action your preform. Building up an opponent’s percentage is the goal to the match, as the higher the percentage the lighter they become, making it easier to knock them out of the screen and ultimately defeating them. There are a ton a different matches with deep customization options for each of them. You get your classic versus 4 matches and then you get, for the first time ever versus 8. This is where the chaos is happening, as you have 8 players on the screen at the same time beating each other to a pulp. At times you will have no clue to your actual position, all you will do is tap buttons in hopes of you landing an attack.

There are a bunch of arcade styled games to keep you busy. The classic home run contest returns where players need to hit a bag as far as they can, and a new Angry Bird inspired bomb throw has been added, where players need to time a hit to explode a bomb in the distance, racking up points. Everything you do in the game earns you the most important currency: gold. With gold you can purchase new trophies which resemble items, characters, and creatures from a wide range of Nintendo franchises. Super Smash Bros Wii U has the biggest trophy collection in the series with 716 trophies to collect, each one designed perfectly, highlighting the attention to detail.

Super-Smash-Bros-Wii-U (3)

Being a complete collection addict, this was the only thing that kept me going while playing the game. I spent every coin I had either buying new trophies, or investing them in a mode called Trophy Rush. Trophy Rush allows you to spend coin and increase the time that you get to spend destroying blocks and breaking trophy blocks that fall from the sky. This is a nice way to easily unlock trophies, but it is has a risk reward system as you might not get any trophies but rather fail. When you have collected a few trophies you can then go and view them in your trophy showcase, this is a museum like viewing pad where the trophies are all placed in their respective themed franchise.

The game offers many ways to play. Smash tour is the party alterative to the game. Here you play as your Mii, collecting characters and boosting stats by going around a game board and rolling dice. If you bump into another character you will face off against them and fight for their character. At the end of the game you will face off against each other with all the added stats and characters that you have collected during the match, the winner is the player who defeats the most characters throughout the game.

Super-Smash-Bros-Wii-U (2)

Every time you complete a game you will collect customization options, this allows you to equip them to a character. These come in different forms, either increasing strength, defence, or speed. Keeping in mind that for every increase there is a decrease in another stat. You can equip these onto every character and take these characters into tournaments with you, either online or offline. If you feel that King Dedede is too slow, then you can give him a speed increase. This system works well for those who prefer using certain characters and want a deeper customization option. You can now also play with your Mii as a battle fighter, he or she can also choose from three different attack preferences, and can also equip items to improve certain traits.

When you are happy with your fighter you can then use you Amiibo to copy it onto the figurine. This allows you to transfer your character to the 3DS version of the game or take it to a friend’s house with you. As much fun as this sounds, you can only have one save per Amiibo, which is a downer for those who really don’t want to go out and buy more. I mean they are pretty pricey already.

Super-Smash-Bros-Wii-U (1)

Overall there is always something to do in Super Smash Bros, if it is not creating a level, it is buying trophies or facing off with your friends in an 8 player showdown. The game offers great variety for a fighting game and it is one of the greatest in the series. 700 trophies, 50 characters, 47 levels, and a ton of mini games. It is a huge package with great potential.

So rad

  • Trophies are plenty
  • So many characters to play with
  • 8 player smash is cray
  • Beautiful presentation

Makes us sad

  • Amiibo is still underutilized

Disclaimer: Marco conducted this review on his own game, that he purchased with his own money. 

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