The Razer Seirēn microphone – a Youtuber’s dream

For the last two weeks I’ve been experimenting with the Razer Seirēn microphone. The gaming gadget manufacturer dipped into the YouTuber market by producing a microphone ideal for recording voice overs, music or games castings but simple enough for even me to use. 


The sound quality is sensational and you’re able to simply plug it in and record straight into Premiere Pro which suits me rather well. It has different modes which are easily selectable via a knob on the back of the mic and allows you to optimise the sound quality for whatever you might be doing. I used it for both my Mobile World Congress preview and a first look at the LG GFlex2 (it was the perfect gadget to record a voice over with) and both times it recorded crisp clear audio (and showed me how often I pop on a microphone!).


This one’s a goodie and retails locally for just over R2000. Not a bad price when you look at how easy it is to use compared to other recording microphones on the market. It also launches with host of accessories so you can really customise it to suit your needs.


This one’s a keeper. I have to give it back soon and I’m going to miss it!

Disclaimer: We were given a Razer Seirēn to review. It is a review unit and as such, will go back soon (or we’ll just hold on to it until they demand it back).

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