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One of the things I found really interesting during Mobile World Congress was chatting to many international counterparts. You find that for many an innovator, it’s all in the app. Everyone believes they’ll become multi-millionaires if they just have a cool app. They invest a small fortune in developing an app they believe will solve the world’s problems and then…. nothing. It doesn’t get downloaded and no one seems to notice it exists.

What we, as app consumers want, is an app that has a good user ranking, we can trust it not to be buggy and it fulfills our needs. The folks at Gummicube specialise in increasing your app rankings and shared some tips on how to go about doing just that. Even if you aren’t an app developer, as a consumer this is rather interesting and may stop you from clicking “not now” the next time you’re asked to review an app. 

Want to increase organic search rankings for your app? These days, most people realize that there are various factors that can affect a product’s ranking in the App Store. However, knowing how to optimize those different elements can be complex. If you’re addicted to watching your app ranking rise, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following tips for boosting app rankings:

Choose the Right Keywords


Keyword selection is a crucial part of the ASO equation, as it helps ensure that the right searchers can find your app. Because the App Store allows marketers only 100 characters for their keywords, it’s essential that you select the right words and phrases to target. At Gummicube, we utilize our proprietary technologies and other exclusive data to help improve app search ranking. While most apps rank for just 10-15 keywords, Gummicube typically improves this number by a factor of 5 or 10 within the first month.

Conduct Regular Testing


Want to see your app rankings rise? If so, you need to conduct regular A/B testing on the various elements of your app listing. The most successful marketers test not only their keywords but also their icons, screenshots, app titles, and descriptions. By optimizing all the content in your listing, you can raise the odds of your app finding an audience.

Get More Ratings


It’s no secret that apps with more reviews and higher ratings rank higher in the App Store. At Gummicube, we utilize our own marketing channel, Gnome Escape, to increase ratings and reviews for your mobile apps. Unlike other marketing companies, we find users who are genuinely interested in trying your app and send follow-up emails reminding them to review. Not only does increasing reviews boost rankings for your app, but it also helps you gather valuable information regarding user behavior and adjust your app development strategy moving forward.

Increase Your App Ranking with Gummicube


It’s no secret that good rankings can do a great deal to boost download rates for your mobile app. However, with all the factors to consider when optimizing your product for App Store search, it’s easy for developers to become overwhelmed. At Gummicube, we handle all your ASO needs so you can devote your attention to building and developing great new mobile products. Learn more about app store optimization tips and then call to schedule a consultation with our team.

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