Wooden headphones are all the rage – the Houdt Cyclone Headphones review


R799 from the online store

What you need to know:

  • On ear headphones
  • NOT wireless
  • 3.5mm gold plated plug
  • 1.2m Nylon cable
  • 10 mW rated input power
  • 40mm speakers
  • 32 Ohm Impedance
  • 10mW rated input power

What we think you should know:

Before you read the review you should probably watch our unboxing video of these headphones. We touch on a few things regarding the design and what comes in the actual box of the Houdt Cyclone Headphones that you might find important. We’re still stoked with the earphone jack being at an angle and that the cable is nylon and rather durable. Watch the video:

My initial opinion on the double pads on the headband as opposed to a fully padded one were negative. However after wearing the Cyclones for a full 4 hours I can confidently say that they’re rather comfortable so this isn’t the trainsmash I thought it would be.



They’re on ear so don’t expect any noise reduction. Though they’re ideal for listening to music at the office. You get better sound quality than the in-ear cheapies and you can still hear your boss shout at you from across the hall. At higher volumes the sound quality muddies out a bit and they’re not friendly with bass heavy tunes. If you’re music preferences steer toward Ben Howard and chilled folk and acoustic vibes these are the ideal cans for you. They’re suited to that genre and produce easy listening.



The fact that they’re rather compact and fold up neatly into their tiny carrier bag makes them ideal travelling companions. The sleek wood finish also means they’ll look rather stylish while you’re on the go. Hipsters the world over are going to be buying these up in droves and at the price I’d say they’re definitely worth the purchase.



So rad

  • The funky wood finish
  • The sturdy nylon cable
  • I’m going on about it but the angled plug is a win in my books

Makes us sad

  • If you’re a punk rock fan or blast a lot of rap music you’ll find these less than ideal

Disclaimer: The Houdt headphones were supplied to us by iFix for review purposes only and will be returned following the publishing of this review. 




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