3 free tools to create images for your blog

You don’t need to be a photoshop wizard to create original and funky images for your blog. In fact, there are a host of free tools you can take advantage of to make the beautiful images you see gracing beauty and fashion blogs the world over.

Here are 3 free tools to create images for your blog:

1. PicMonkey


PicMonkey is my favourite free image editing tool. You can edit an image, add text to it, throw in overlays or add funny mustaches to pictures of your friends. There is also a collage creating option and when you save your final work you have the option to select the required resolution. The free version is more than adequate to touch up images or add a few extras to it. Most YouTubers use PicMonkey to create their cover images or subscribe images at the end of their videos.

Get it here. 

2. Canva


Canvas is great to create flyers, posters, motivational images and the like. My favourite bit about using Canvas is the pre-set design template that you can use. All you need to do is edit a few colours and fonts and you’ve got a unique image that looks like a professional graphic designer worked on it. The sizing on Canvas can be a bit of a bitch so play around for a bit before getting into the serious work of image editing.

Get it here. 

3. Infogr.am


Infographics are really useful ways of tossing together a bunch of information and presenting it in a shareable format that it is also pleasant on the eye. Infogr.am allows you to create an infographic image with minimal fuss. There are a host of templates you can use and various options for inputs. It’s a select and drag set up which I love (the easier the better I say!).

Get it here. 

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