Tweet TOPSHOP and get access to Fashion Week trends immediately

This is probably the coolest digital pairing of fashion & social that I’ve seen in a long time so I had to share. London Fashion Week kicks off today (20 February 2015). TOPSHOP is a franchise popular with the really chic. They have 319 stores in the UK and have moved into SA as well.

The brand has decided to pair up with Twitter and “democratise” fashion. Even if you aren’t sitting in the front row at London Fashion Week, TOPSHOP has found a novel way to bring the fashion to you. Tweet TOPSHOP and get access to Fashion Week trends immediately.


Here’s how it is going to work. TOPSHOP is going to analyse tweets and other data during Fashion Week to determine the trends as they come down the runway. These trends are going to be displayed on the TOPSHOP website, in their tweets and on digital billboards set up around the UK.



If you see a trend you’re interested in all you need to do is tweet @TOPSHOP with the trend hashtag and they’ll immediately send back a selection of looks that fit the trend and the best part? You’ll be able to purchase the looks from TOPSHOP (and it will be far more affordable than buying it direct off the runway right?). I like the thinking behind this campaign, Sheena Sauvaire, the Global Marketing and Communications Director of TOPSHOP says the twitter/fashion week partnership will allow global consumers to shop the trends as and when they happen, and give them insight and access into runway shows.

I’m going to try it out this weekend. I’m the least fashionable person I know, this might be the ideal way for me to get some style without having to actually watch the fashion shows! 



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