Do the Samsung Level Over headphones hit a level up in our review?


R3000 – R3500

What you need to know:

  • Over ear headphones
  • Music controls on the ear cups
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Comes with a nifty carry bag, charging cable and audio cable
  • Bluetooth and NFC connections (so no need for wires)
  • Works with a Samsung app for added functionality

What we think you should know:

Over ear headphones are my absolute favourite gadget. I LOVE headphones. I especially love over ear ones that cancel out noise. I don’t want any other. When the Samsung Level Over phones landed on my desk I was like a little child at Christmas. Before you keep reading there is one other thing you need to keep in mind: my love of headphones makes me EXTREMELY fussy as well. I’m pretty demanding when it comes to my sound providers.


Let’s start with design.

Like I mentioned, these are over ear. I found the plastic casing a bit well, cheap, considering the price point. There’s a brushed metallic feel over the expanders but they still felt plastic to me. I was a bit concerned about those holding up to long term use (and by use I mean abuse, because I’m a headphones ALL THE TIME type of girl). Despite my concerns about the plastic I loved the quilted cushion on the headpiece. It is so comfortable and ensures hours of listening without the ache that comes from a headpiece without adequate support. The actual cups are also extremely well cushioned and the headphones are really light. So they won’t begin to feel heavy or sweaty on your head (yes, that happens). The Samsung Level Over phones don’t fold up. This doesn’t bug me personally BUT it does mean they can be a bit of a headache to transport (and by headache I mean they’re big and won’t fit in your bag).


All the bells and whistles

The Samsung Level Over headphones come with a cushioned carry case, charging cable, airplane adapter and then an audio cable with volume control. You won’t need that though. The battery life on these babies is extremely impressive. You pair them to your smartphone via Bluetooth or NFC. There’s an app if you own a Samsung smartphone or tablet that can also allow you to fiddle with the audio settings. I don’t have a Samsung device but paired them with an Android phone relatively quickly. My favourite part of these earphones is that you can control your listening via the actual ear cups. The right one is touch sensitive. Run your finger up to turn the volume up, run it down to turn it softer. Run it forward towards your cheek to skip to the next song or back to replay a track. What an absolute pleasure. You don’t have to lift your device at all.



Added extras and touch sensitive ear cups are fun BUT what really matters is how a pair of earphones sound. I found their noise reducing capabilities good enough to drown out the sound of my own voice when I sang along. I liked this. My neighbours didn’t. Whenever I use a pair of headphones the first thing I do is play Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody as loud as I can bare. This is, in my opinion, the only way to truly test a pair of headphones. So how did the Samsung Level Overs hold up? I thought the mid-range was flat. I wasn’t entirely happy with the sound quality. But to be honest, I’m a headphone brat. If you like bass heavy dance tunes that are on top of the charts right now you’re going to be rather happy with these headphones.


So rad:

  • The touch control on the cans

Makes us sad:

  • There isn’t one definitive thing I want to highlight here. Though there are a few niggles you may want to keep in mind before dropping cash on that price tag.

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